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Estate Cleanouts in Sandston

Inevitably there comes a time when we will experience the passing of a family member, friend, or loved one. We are often left with the difficult task of what to do with their belongings. You do not have to do it all on your own. At Get My Junk we specialize in estate cleanouts and we are ready to assist you during this difficult time.

Get My Junk offers you a compassionate and stress-free cleanout service. Our team of professionals will take their time and help you sort through those belongings, choosing which items you want to keep and which items you would like to donate. We donate to local charities to keep those belongings in your local community. You can trust us that the job will be completed with the utmost respect to you along with plenty of hard work. At the end of the day, we are here to take the pressure off of you.

With Get My Junk, you are hiring a Veteran owned and locally operated company that takes pride in being professional and affordable. Our 5-star Google reviews speak for themselves and are evidence that we love what we do and we put the customer first.

Questions? Give Get My Junk a call today at 804-789-5865 or book an appointment online.

Commercial Cleanouts in Sandston

Get My Junk offers complete commercial cleanouts, which include foreclosure, eviction, residential, apartment, warehouse, and office building cleanouts. Our team is trained and experienced and will get the job done safely and efficiently. We commit to donating or recycling re-usable items, leaving little to be disposed of. We communicate with you every step of the way to ensure the job is completed to your level of satisfaction. Get My Junk is your complete solution for commercial cleanouts and junk removal. Our 5-star Google reviews are evidence that we are extremely reliable and that our rates are competitively priced. We offer same-day service and easy online booking. If you prefer, we can provide you with a free on-site no-obligational estimate and we can get started the same day.

Questions? Give Get My Junk a call today at 804-789-5865 or book an appointment online

What items can we take?  

  1. Desks
  2. Computers and Electronics
  3. Filing Cabinets
  4. Cubicles and Workstations
  5. Storage Cabinets
  6. Shelving
  7. Pallets
  8. Cardboard Removal
  9. Office Chairs
  10. Junk Removal
  11. Large Conference Tables
  12. Office Equipment
  13. Furniture

Who can we help?

  1. Property Managers
  2. Commercial Real Estate Brokers
  3. Building Owners
  4. Tenants
  5. Liquidators
  6. Facilities Managers
Garage, Attic and Basement Cleanouts in Sandston

Are you planning to move or do you need to minimize the amount of clutter that has accumulated in areas such as your garage, attic, or basement? Get My Junk specializes in cleanout services. Finding the time to clean out these areas can be stressful, so let us alleviate that stress. Our team of professionals will take the time to assist you in organizing your items, choosing which ones you want to keep, and removing those items you no longer need. We even provide an additional layer of service by committing to take the usable items you dispose of and donate to local charities or recycling centers.

Questions? Give Get My Junk a call today at 804-789-5865 or book an appointment online.

Compassionate Hoarding Cleanouts in Sandston

Hoarding happens when the amount of acquired clutter prohibits functionality in the home. There are 5 levels of hoarding, 1 being minor and 5 being blocked rooms, pathways, etc. No matter what level you are experiencing, you deserve the utmost respect in finding a solution. Get My Junk specializes in compassionate cleanups, resulting in turning a once cramped and unhealthy home into a much cleaner and more spacious one. We are with you every step of the way. When you are ready to take the first step, reach out to us with any questions and we’ll be happy to answer them for you.

When you are ready to schedule your cleanout, call us for a no-obligation on-site estimate. Unlike larger franchise junk removal companies, Get My Junk is Veteran owned and locally operated. That affords us the ability to offer custom-made solutions and services to meet our customers’ needs. We aim to exceed your expectations and feel confident our services will satisfy your needs.

Questions? Give Get My Junk a call today at 804-789-5865 or book an appointment online.

Expert Cleanouts by Get My Junk

Get My Junk is a Virginia-based, veteran-owned, and locally operated full-service junk removal company.

We strive to meet the specific needs of each client. As a result, we sometimes haul away a single piece of furniture, and other times we perform total cleanouts!

One thing is for sure when it comes to big cleanout jobs, Get My Junk is up for the task!

We proudly service Richmond, Ashland, Chesterfield, Charles City, Colonial Heights, Petersburg, Goochland, Hanover, Henrico, and Surrounding Areas. 

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